How To Be Released From The Responsibility Of Co-Signing A Bail Bond

If you've co-signed a bail bond for an incarcerated friend or family member and want to be released from the responsibility of the bail bond, you'll need to know what steps to take. There is a process that must be followed, but you'll be able to get out from under the bond.

Contact the Bonding Company

The first call to make is to the bonding company who issued the bond. You'll likely be required to set up an appointment to go in and complete the documents necessary to complete the request. There, you'll have to answer why you want out and probably be asked if you know where the person is that you've posted the bond for.

At the Meeting

The day of the meeting, you'll need a valid photo ID—your driver's license, passport or state issued photo ID are all acceptable options.

The bail bonds will require that you write out the reason for wanting out of the responsibility. The reason could be:

  • Additional crimes have been charged against the person
  • You are concerned that the person has become a flight risk
  • You cannot contact or find the person

Be prepared to provide as much information about the person as possible, including:

  • The best phone number to reach the person
  • The address where the person is living or staying
  • Where the person works and if you know their schedule
  • Names of anyone that may be in contact with the person
  • Places where the person typically spends time
  • Any other information that can help the bondsman find the person

Following the Meeting

In most cases, you'll be waiting to hear back from the bail bonds company about whether or not the request for release from the bond has been approved for about a week. It can take several days for the paperwork to be completed and approved. Give the bonds company time to complete the process for you before you get nervous and start calling them.

After you've been released from the responsibility, the person that you had bailed out will have an arrest warrant issued for them. He or she will then be taken into custody and placed back in jail until the hearing or until they can find a new co-signer for the bail bond.

Knowing how much is on the line when you co-sign a bail bond can make you nervous. Always keep in touch with the bondsman and if you worry that things aren't right, contact companies like Valencia Bail Bonds to discuss your concerns.