Five Reasons Why You Need To Work With A CPA For Your Accounting Needs

When it comes to hiring an accountant to help you with your financial matters, you have a lot of options. You can work with a regular accountant, an enrolled agent, a tax preparer, or a certified public account (CPA).

There are numerous reasons why it's best to rely on a CPA for your finance and accounting needs. The following are five reasons why you should work with a certified public accountant

CPAs can represent you in an audit.

There's always a possibility that you can face an audit by the IRS or your state department of taxation. You should be aware of the fact that you can only be represented in an audit by a CPA, an enrolled agent, or an attorney.

It's easier for a CPA to represent you if they have already handled your taxes and finances. This way, they'll be familiar with the details of the case and better able to argue in your favor against whoever is conducting the audit. 

CPAs have proven their knowledge by passing a rigorous exam.

The CPA exam is rigorous and detailed. You know that any accountant who has passed this exam is highly knowledgeable in the accounting field and will have all the knowledge needed to provide you with the best possible financial advice. 

CPAs have to undergo continuing education so you know they are up to date on tax law.

Not only does an accountant need to undergo a rigorous exam to become a CPA, but he or she will also need to take continuing education classes over time to uphold the CPA credential. This means that you know a CPA is informed regarding any changes that have come up recently regarding the tax code. 

CPAs can help you avoid penalties and fees for mistakes on your taxes.

If you try to do your taxes yourself, chances are high that you'll make a mistake that will cost you down the road. Not only can making a mistake on your tax return be an unpleasant surprise, but it could also create a situation where you have to pay hefty fines and fees to the IRS.

When a CPA handles your taxes for you, you can be confident that there will be no costly mistakes. 

CPAs can provide you with the best possible advice regarding your financial future.

Planning for your financial future is important. A CPA can provide you with a lot of valuable insights into small investments you can make and savings strategies you can adopt that will drastically improve your financial condition down the road.